Monday, April 13, 2009

All the Best

Two hundred ninety one original photos, 69 entries, thousands of visitors from 63 countries and territories*, and one year of clicking! April 1 was Foblow’s “blog birthday” and here are all the best from the blog’s first year.

:: Best Sets
Neovandalism is one of the entries with a very well-gathered set of photos. The novel phenomenon of stickered graffiti in the metropolis was quite interesting, and hopefully the interesting feel was conveyed in the images.

Other must-see sets from the year are Reflectxing and Splashes of Light. The former is a play on reflection with a clear window, while the other a dose of neon lights from Manila’s clubbing district. I personally like them because, in a way, they tell stories (or at least stories can be made-up from them).

:: Most Viewed
Posts on sex and fashion were the most viewed entries in Foblow. On top of the list is the coverage on the Cosmo Bachelor Bash. Visits shot up when the two-part entry was published. And the most viewed photo in Flickr? Akihiro Sato pulling up his tank and surrounded by an eager audience.

:: Fabulous Features
Though this is not a fashion blog, my life is fortunately surrounded with happy, stylish people and events. So sometimes, fashion finds its way in Foblow like the coverage of last year’s Philippine Fashion Week shows (Click here, here, here and here) and a fun entry dubbed Eat your heart out, Naomi

But the top fashion entry of this blog? I think it’s the pre-launch look on Brian Tenorio’s farewell collection. It was a truly unique experience to get a glimpse of the shoe designer’s process and workshop (besides the translucent orange footwear).

:: Best Photos
But before all the fashion, sex, kooky signages and immortalized vandalism was this photo, which set the tone for the blog.

The photo is from the second entry, Is it crowded inside? I still don't know why she was outside and up there. My latest bet, smoking wasn't allowed inside.

Here are other spectacular images from the past year:

Once again, thank you for visiting, referring and supporting Foblow. Thanks to those who have been a part in making life less ordinary in photos.

*From Google Analytics. Not uberthousands like how much Bryanboy and other bloggers rake in, but just a few. ;D


Tina said...

Fantastic photos. Congrats on one year!