Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lost in Fashion

We got lost in Fashion.

Last night, with a hundred designers presenting in one show, we couldn't keep up with whose fashion was whose in Metro Magazine's Metrowear 100. But we really didn't mind except for the bloggers' dilemma of captioning photos with the proper credits. I was sitting next to fashion blogger Khaz of
Beautiful Things and a friend from the Inquirer.

The designers were grouped in segments (e.g., resort Wear by Cebu designers) with each presenting one ensemble.* So models came out as the designers' names were respectively flashed on the screens at the sides. It was just crazy looking center then forward then to the sides. And at times it seemed that models moved forward while the names didn't.

Anyhow, we still got delightfully lost in fashion. And I certainly found some favorites.

Robot Chic. This is my favorite look from everything that night. The frame butterfly sleeves were interesting enough. Then, the stylist covered the model's eyes and contrasted her light skin with very red lip color, building a strong android look.

Tess Pasola-ish and Givenchy Feel. This earth-tone dress reminds me of the paper sculptures of Tess Pasola. The silver dress with a large gathering at the back somehow evokes the drama and class of a Givenchy dress.

Jacket Du Jour. I personally like this jacket, but I don't think the wide, pointy shoulders will work with my wee frame. Perhaps, just the front and back details for me. :)

Metrowear 100, in celebration of Metro Magazine's twenty years, was held at the Manila Hotel Tent City.

* * *

By the way, have you noticed some changes in the Foblow's design? Nothing drastic... but I'm gradually adding some features and upgrading the look a bit. What do you think? Do send me an
email or post a message.

*Except for the Dean of Philippine Fashion Ben Ferales who had six ensembles.


ennui said...

i love the new look! too bad i wasn't with you during Metrowear

Noel Y.C. said...

Great FoBlow makeover. I love it. Nice capture of the event too. And by the way, you would look fabulous in that jacket!

lawrencevon said...

thank you marty and noel.

marty - you should have seen your "muse" work the catwalk. heehee...

noel - i'm at a jacket phase. oh my! :O

Edrick said...

oh, the shoulders, nice!
love this post. and the new blog look, very nice!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I love yung details!!! hehehe...kaloka totoong tao ba yung sa Robot chic?

lawrencevon said...

edrick - i know, right? i want that jacket and this white jacket with knit accent in tyler and another in... hahahaha...

beilerina - yes, she's an actual model with really nice skin.

thank you. thank you :)

Anonymous said...

agree. the pacing was fast that i cant distinguish which clothes is for whiich designer..:-).but it was a very good show of great filipino designers.
clean layout for your blog. :-)

lawrencevon said...

Thanks Onin. :)