Sunday, April 27, 2008


From this angle it looks like a surreal landscape of clay-like desert mounds. It's actually a swirl-shaped cement sitting area by the bay.*

A little change in perspective can paint a completely different picture.

Afterthought: How I wish I had someone with me and have him hide in the middle of the swirl with an arm (or leg) popping out. :P

*San Miguel By the Bay, Manila Bay, Pasay City (Behind Mall of Asia)


jamie da vinci! said...

shucks, i would have had happily volunteered! :)

dued8jam said...

Cool! It also looks like a caramel candy to me. Where is this pic taken?

lawrencevon said...

heehee... thanks jamieson. :)

lawrencevon said...

hi jam/ nomad. :)

it was taken at san miguel by the bay. :)

RRP said...

next time i visit back home, maybe we can do exactly that ;)

lawrencevon said...

ryan, that would be great.

buzz me when youre back in manila. ;)