Monday, April 14, 2008

The Drama!

With mannequins seemingly squinting towards a horizon, absolute black granite finishing and well-though-of warm lighting, the Jun Escario shop has one of the most elegant store interiors in the latest segment of the Greenbelt mall.*

While waiting for some friends pick some dresses, I took some photos through the shop's mirrors and glossy walls. And the results were just dramatic.

* Greenbelt 5 is an upscale mall in Makati City housing several of the Philippine's top designers.


Edrick said...

dramatic much! nice

Chica said...

I like the last photo, great blog btw. Found ya via your thread on BC. :)

lawrencevon said...

Thanks guys for the posts.

Chica, it's my fave as well.

Cheers. :)