Monday, November 9, 2009

Welcome to my Apartment

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Repairs, refurbishing and redesigning my flat (well, the first floor) are finally done. Take a peek at my humble abode. (Image above: Light fixture from a worn out electric fan)

As previously posted (click here), the supposed theme is a fusion of industrial and colonial. I think I need a little bit more of industrial... But in any case I achieved my objectives, which include creating a very green home and spending less than the cost of my laptop.

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Photo Wall. One of the first things one will see upon entering the apartment are these photos. They represent people close to me and signify important events. The sketch of myself was done by designer Kermit Tesoro when he sat in class.

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Living Room. Elements in this room came from everywhere in Metro Manila. The trunk from a second-hand store in Kamuning, the chair from Our Home in North EDSA, the candy jar from a store in Chino Roces, ceramic pieces from Mayon... At the same time a lot of the pieces were DIY projects such as the trunk's base, the zebra print bench and the chrome lamp.

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Dining Area. The Parson's table was one of the first DIY projects. It was deconstructed from an office desk. Its shelves were repurposed as side tables/ mini shelving. The drop light was crafted from taffeta ribbons and rattan rings as there is a dearth of source for shades.

The wall sculpture features photographs from my favorite photoblogger Noel Y. Calingasan and the branch from the tree the family needed to let go last new year's. And much like living trees, the sculpture intends to grow more postcards and photos and change every season...

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The Kitchen. The kitchen was my least favorite part of the flat with its decrepit counter and sink until the renovation. Family and Friends would agree that the kitchen was the biggest transformation with a new counter and inclusion of an island in the space plan. The island was one of my father's old desks for his typewriters.

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Staircase Landing. The last pieces to be included were the mirror and the ottoman at the staircase landing. The mirror's frame is made from aluminium can bottoms collected from the School of Fashion and the Arts while the ottoman is a reupholstered piece (see original here).

Recycled and Recycled

Finishing this project is majorly tedious yet one of the most self-actualizing things I've done. Heartfelt thanks to all those who helped and encouraged. :) Now, it's time to maintain, perhaps add some more detail and go on organize the second floor. A walk-in closet/ workroom sounds good...


jam said...

i loveeet!!!

Christine said...

Hi lawrence! Congratulations for a job well done. I super luvvvveee your new apartment.

Amina said...

How inspiring Lawrence!!! Can you give SoFA a makeover too?? :) haha

Lawrence Antaran said...

@JAM - Thanks! I was expecting you last Friday... But it's OK. :)

@CHRISTINE - Thanks especially for the leads. Btw, I found my dining chairs for a steal in Bangkal!

@AMINA - Sure! But SoFA is already warm and cozy esp. the inquiry room. :D

khaz of beautiful things said...


Noel Y.C. said...

Fantastic job. You never fail to amaze us. I especially adore the electric fan light fixture, mirror frame and gorgeous colors. And thanks for using my photos for the tree branch sculpture.

Lawrence Antaran said...

@KHAZ - Thanks!

@NOEL - It's great to have your photos "perched" on the wall sculpture/ installation. Thank you. :)

ennui said...

Mother of all renovations!! :D

Lawrence Antaran said...

Di naman. I didn't go to the extent of tearing down a wall...


Tita Buds said...

Wow, you got featured in Apartment Therapy! Woohoo!
How absolutely, incredibly cool is that?
Me - jealous. Worse, I believe my apartment looks the way yours did before your coolness intervened.

Edrick said...

eye love. beautiful!! i esp love the ex-fan lighting fixture and the branches!! i have something similar but this one's much more chicer (and done-er hehe)

Lawrence Antaran said...

Thanks Tita Buds and Edrick.

I actually screamed when I scrolled down and saw the entry at AT.

I'd like to see your spaces as well. I bet they're very creative. :)

Motorola said...

I'd love to come and see you some time. :]


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