Monday, November 9, 2009

A lot has happened...

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...Since the last post. When I had time and planned to update, misfortune and opportunity came. Typhoon Ondoy delayed several of my activities including the preparations for my flat. I got flooded waist-deep.

When I woke up, the modem and router were already submerged and my camera Winter got soaked inside the bag. The ottomans were floating on ankle-deep water, which was fast-rising. Fortunately, the neighbors helped me bring up my sofa (which was the heaviest piece), and only the modem got damaged.

I only took a few shots of the flood (what's posted) and that's after securing everything. The newly painted walls bubbled and chipped. Some wood warped. But evrything else was OK. One good thing which came after the flood was finding this stool in a street corner near the grocery, where they were throwing stuff.

And after the flood, projects came and I started teaching at another school. A Foblow post got nominated in the blog awards (didn't win but it was a good experience). Also, I made time to review my undertakings and decided to streamline.

So the flood really was a turning point for me. I'm looking forward for brighter and happier days.