Saturday, January 3, 2009

Images from Home

I went home for the holidays and took photos of flora and fauna. The house in Paranaque is always full of pets, and the walls lined with or covered by some plants. Here are some of the best shots.

Happy New Tree. When I arrived before new year's eve, half of the tree in front of the compound was chopped down. The type of tree often shed leaves, clogging the canal. It also grew high, reaching the electrical wires. Just yesterday, they replaced it with a smaller plant. I guess... New year, new tree.

Meet Majide. Besides a tree, the family has a new puppy, which the Anime-crazy kids named Majide. Finally, a family dog that doesn't bark at the sight of me.

Flora Fantastica. Stems of these flowering plants resembled a forest of sort. To the right is a super close-up of a Euphorbia blossom's swirling petals.