Friday, May 8, 2009

Crowning Moments

Talaga lang ha?!
We made tiaras among other style-related crafts in the School of Fashion and the Art’s summer workshop for kids. One added a feather and a veil in hers and called herself an Arabian Nights Princess. Another had a carnival queen theme. But all of them were feeling the day as style divas and having their very own crowning moments.

And oh, the photo above? That’s lunch lady Jing helping us out and joining in the fun. (Notice the two girls’ royally bewildered reaction. :P)

Click to enlarge photo.
It was her idea to put the veil!
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I'm handling several of the classes in the summer workshop, which is until next week but there will be a free sample/demo at Fort Bonifacio on the 17th. Details to follow.


mungkahi said...

Hahahaha! Love Jing's pic! Royally bewildered talaga!

Jo-Ann (formerly of The One School :oP)

lawrencevon said...

Hello Jo-Ann! Thanks for dropping by the blog!

Hope to see you around SoFA and The One School or somewhere sometime. :D

* * *


Kid's Workshop on bag design and fashion sketching at the Activity Area, B1, Bonifacio High Street (Near Starbucks) on MAY 17, 2009 (Sunday) 4 TO 6PM

To register, participants are required a minimum P1000 purchase (single or accumulated receipts) from Hobbes & Landes and the Stock Market from May 1 to 17, or from any Bonifacio High Street store on May 17.

the shopaholic bratty queen said...

hehehe! the girls' reaction are sooo cute!!extra pa si ate jing.=)

was this taken this morning?coz if yes, then i guess we bumped into each other na. =)

lawrencevon said...


that was last week but i saw you today and complimented your ensemble. :D