Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Shiny SoFA People

Last year, I started teaching illustration at the School of Fashion and the Arts (SoFA).

SoFA, located in Makati City, is a new and rising school for those who desire a career in fashion design and merchandising. It also draws together an interesting mix of people from ultra-stylish students who work their patterns in four-inch heels to the crazy creatives (and the plain crazy) to the very promising young girls who attend SoFA's summer workshops.

Though varied, SoFA houses some very happy shiny people.

School Voice
If you've called to inquire about the courses, you must have experienced his seemingly coffee-perked answer. Bryanne, though leaving in a few days, is the school's signature(?) voice.

Stella Got Style
One of the most promising students of this year's summer workshop, Stella has a penchant for pop and the 80's vibe. She made a tote bag that read "Hey! Stella" (complete with quirky smiley) and painted her nails in neon colors during the nail art classes.

Favorite Lunch Lady
And she doesn't look the part, no? Well, Jing (aka Eli's muse) also handles the school boutique, which offers make-up, clothes and accessories.

To know more about the School of Fashion and the Arts, visit http://www.sofamanila.com/ or drop a line at +632 4915536.


School of Fashion and the Arts said...

Lawrence, its Amina!! I love your photos and posts about SoFA!!!! :)

Thanks a million!!!!!!!

lawrencevon said...

No problem. I'm always glad to take photos of the very camera-friendly SoFa people. :)