Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Winter!

A year ago today, I got a point-and-shoot camera and called her Anna Winter. I've taken most of the shots in this blog with Winter. The exception is the three photos I used to introduce the blog. This little white box is named after the coldest of seasons, but ironically it has brought light to my eyes and warmth in my life.

I bring her with me everywhere and closest to my hand. And when I shoot, I raise her close to my heart. I know. Mushy. But this simple camera makes me happy. And that's a lot.

Here are some unreleased shots from the past year.

Blue Ray
A burst in the sky and the OneE-com Center at the Mall of Asia Complex. Yes, the streak of color is not photoshopped.

Through the Ruins
At Intramuros, Manila. One of my first photos with Winter.

Through a Bangle
I love shots of reflections especially on smooth black surfaces. Much like the set of photos from the Jun Escario shop.

Air and Water (Tank)

Ava Paguyo
That's her. Well, her shoe.

Octopus Under the Stars

View from the Top

Happy Birthday Winter! Well, this means one more thing, Foblow will soon turn one as well! :D


Eli said...

Oh Winter! I'm happy you survived all the snatchers & head lockers out there! Please stay with Lawrence, he is a great boss. =)

Edrick said...

yay happy birthday! i love photos 1, 3 and 6! i have a similar shot with photo 1, ray of light but orangey naman. it really pays to bring a camera 24/7, no? actually, it feels quite strange when i go out sans cam (in whatever form, P&S, phone, etc)

Noel Y.C. said...

I like the fact that you gave your camera a name. Happy Birthday Anna. Hmmm, I'm gonna call my point-and-shoot Lawrence Nightingale. But I can't remember his birthday. Oh well...

lawrencevon said...

On Eli: OO nga eh. Thank God. When my phone was snatched I immediately asked Rose (the doorbitch of the club) to keep the camera. Thanks for dropping by, Eli.

On Edrick: Thanks for the continued visit. I know... It does feel weird. And when Winter is left at home to charge, some picture-worthy moments happen. :D

lawrencevon said...

On Noel: That's a cute name. Lawrence's are cute. Ahem, ahem. Choke, choke. :P

Thanks Noel!