Monday, February 16, 2009

Adoro Brasil

I love Brazil for throwing a mini carnival here in Makati for Valentine's day. Held at the Powerplant Mall's Rockwell Tent, O Amor Em Carnaval took me away from the usual scene of couples having dinner and places decorated with red hearts.

My friend told me that Pepper Lunch (restaurant at the mall) gave free dessert to dinning couples who would kiss. Then the crowd would clap. Eeeek. Gra├žas a Deus. Adoro Brasil.

Artful Dance
With or without Capoeira training, the crowd showed off their moves to samba and Brazilian funk. (I unfortunately missed the demo of Capoeira graduates earlier that day)

Carnaval Queens
Giving color and setting the mood for the festivities were these fringed and feathered beauties.

Dancing with Lights
As if the infectious drumbeat wasn't enough, poi and flag dancers added some hypnotic spectacle.

In the Mood
These people know how to party. I hope our bars/ clubs match the energy and mood I experienced in this event.

O Amor Em Carnaval (Love in the Carnival) was presented by the Embassy of Brazil, Havaianas (Thank you for the free-flowing drinks.) and the Powerplant Mall.


Edrick said...

lovit! esp the text effects!`

Noel Y.C. said...

what a fun way to celebrate hearts day! great capture of the party. pic of blue lights is fab.