Thursday, December 31, 2009

Back to Quiapo (Late Post)

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Mid this year, I returned to Quiapo with a conspicuous DSLR camera. (Earlier, I shot around Quiapo and Divisoria with a point-and-shoot. Click here for the entry.)

Balloon Vendors
A few shots after taking out the camera, a sampaguita vendor acosted me, "Oi, Anong kinukunan mo?" ("Hey, what are you taking a shot of?")

Saint at the Plaza
I told her, "Ay, practise lang po. 'Wag kayong mag-alala 'di po kayo nasama." (Oh, it's just practise. No need to worry, you weren't included in the shot.")

No. She's another sampaguita vendor.
Another asked her what I said. The vendor replied, "Ah estudyante. Project." (He's a student. It's for a project.)

I smiled.

*As told, the sampaguita vendor wasn't in any shot. That's a different vendor in the last photo.