Sunday, March 8, 2009

Quiapo 'Soria

With an ounce of courage, I took photos of Quiapo and Divisoria for the first time. There were lots of scenes that owned uniqueness and strong images. Many of which I failed to capture because of fear of snatchers and the akwardness of hampering human traffic.

Manila, with its diversity of people is indeed filled with stories to tell. Here are the shots I managed to take.

Quiapo Church Bell Tower

Box Office si Jesus
It was Friday-- the day of the week when patrons flock to Quiapo for the Black Nazarene. Last Friday was no different with crowds overflowing from the church doors. ("Box office" is colloquial for people trooped for someone/ something)

Binondo Church

Empty 'Soria
Surprisingly, Divisoria's streets were empty. Still, I got concious. As I started clicking, people looked at me with agitation, as well as what I was aiming at.

Luna's Lady Liberty
And I got a photo of her, a small version of the Statue of Liberty on a decrepit building along Juan Luna street. Interestingly, she stood there all this time, side by side statues of Andres Bonifacio and Jose Rizal and another, which I failed to identify.

I know. Well... I guess I'll be back bolder and hopefully with better photos. :)

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Noel Y.C. said...

It's quite a treat to read this post and to see your great photos of interesting places in Manila. And it's not even holy week. The B & W image is "wow!" If you were a cinematographer, your movie will be a surefire "box opis!"

ennui said...

i love the snotty looking guy in the 1st photo! hahaha

Anonymous said...

I miss DV! hahaha! jk lang...quiapo...fake dvdsssssss hahaha! I don't wanna go there naaa...ang daming taoooooo...siksikan to the highest level....

nice shots thos..ahaha!