Friday, September 11, 2009

Apartment Preview

More of a teaser actually as I still want to keep the pieces, textures and other elements under wraps.

My closest and those who are connected with me via Facebook know that I've been obsessed fixing up my apartment. I've been doing so for various reasons ranging from the practical to personal.

The planned style is a fusion of industrial and colonial. I hope I achieve a decent interpretation of the look as everything is under a tight budget. So far, all costs (that includes major electrical repairs and reconstructions) are less than the price of my humble notebook. And as much as possible, efforts have to be green, i.e. eco-friendly.

A lot still has to be done. But I'm learning much and equally surprising myself.

OK, that's enough photos. :P The grand reveal soon.


ennui said...

nako i'm sure you'll fo-blow us away just like you did when you remade your bathroom. amina will be very proud! :D

Edrick said...

nice, looks exciting! and a budget that's less than the price of a notebook? baka moleskine hehe

speaking of apartments and houses, flatmag's nice :-) i checked again just now pero blog not found. underconstruction? hehe

Noel Y.C. said...

i like the colors already

Lawrence Antaran said...

@ Edrick - Thanks! :)

I had to give up Flatmag as well as some other endeavors. I reviewed everything that I'm doing and had to streamline...

Perhaps some other time. :D

@ Noel - Those are for the living and dining area. I'm excited to go wild with the work area/ walk-in closet.

I'm just doing the ground floor (for now).

Lawrence Antaran said...

@ Marty - Pressure.

Speaking of which I have to repaint parts of the bathroom. some of the paint was "stripped off" when it was rewired...

Parang it never ends!

Overwhelmed. :O