Friday, February 27, 2009

Timing and Placement

Last Tuesday, Julian Carlo Miguel Alcantara, a 10-year-old Ateneo Grade School student, was killed in a shocking vehicular accident on the school ground's parking lot. The photo above shows a follow-up story in the Inquirer and a Hi-Ace ad on top. Coincidentally, the vehicle that hit the boy was a Hi-Ace.

Talk about timing and ad positioning.

On a more serious note, this statement from the boy's dad, Fernando, struck me: "I just wanted to see the face of the person who took away someone so precious.”

Adds to the depth of the whole tragedy.

Click here for the full article. Or here for the first story.


Jam said...

wow talaga? when was this published?

ennui said...

yeah i read this in the paper today. poor boy had to undergo 6 hours of facial/cranial reconstruction just so they can show him properly at the wake. and the worst part is that the woman who killed him wasn't even apologetic. she simply shrugged and said, "i can't do anything about it. it was an accident."

lawrencevon said...

On Jam: Just today.

On Marty: This event has just been saddening and annoying. Annoying on the count of the irresponsibility that has surrounded/ caused the incident.

Jam said...

nakakaawa ung tatay..