Sunday, December 28, 2008

Monsters' Ball

Waiting for the clock to strike twelve, my nieces and I made these monster charms recycled out of tarpaulin and buttons. Aren't they cute?

Happy holidays and a charmed new year to all! :)


Edrick said...

wow just like that! nice!! :-)

ennui said...

there are oh-so cute! you should consider making earth-friendly xmas decors next year! Ü

lawrencevon said...

Thanks Edrick and Marty!

Naku. I don't have a Christmas tree in my place and I do not decide on the decorations at home.

Perhaps for business. :D

Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

re: comment on the dubai aquarium. thanks dude.. but nothing compare to the ones we have there swimming freely. they look beautiful alright but they are snatched off from there free world which made me feel sad somehow.

Anyway, I missed spending Christmas home especially the children. Truly, Christmas is made for the children. Nothing makes you more happier on Christmas than a child smiling at presents; Giggling and curious all the time; and when they sleep in your arms. Nothing is more comforting; Nothing more peaceful; Nothing more stronger message that there is hope around the world.

Noel Y.C. said...

Happy New Year to you and your family. Here's to success in your business venture. A talented and creative guy like you deserve more success. Cheers.

lawrencevon said...

Thanks Noel. :)

Have a prosperous 2009 as well. I hope you get more published photos this year. Cheers! :D