Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Stories from the Streets

Waiting for a bus along Buendia, I noticed her... particularly her outfit. It's layering was interesting. There was thought in it.

Ever since the recent hikes in oil prices and transportation costs, I've seen more and more motorcycles and bikes on the road.

I'm assuming they're deciding where the base should be. It was refreshing sight. Kids these days are either holding a gaming device or are in front of the television. (Did I just say, "Kids these days?" Gasp.)


Edrick said...

in fairness, the layering is actually good, something a tokyo-er might have done? hehe

nice photos again and again and again!! :-)

lawrencevon said...

thanks edrick again and again and again!!! :)

Edrick said...

it really pays to bring a camera anywhere/everywhere no? :-)