Friday, August 15, 2008


... Wendy's technicians work 24 hours as well.
This was shot at nearly midnight on a Saturday.

... Black is back.
Black lungs, that is. This is how much cigarettes are consumed by fashion students at the school I teach in.

... I'm not so stealth.
I didn't even notice this guy look at me until I got the shot. But didn't he become an interesting focal point?


Edrick said...

hehe even if you're not so stealth, at least (again) you're always camera ready! sometimes i want to whip out the camera din but public places especially at night scare me. i'd rather lose the shot than my cam or worse, life!! haha well i still believe that one day pilipinas streets will be safe even @ 3-4am. :-)
and those ciggiebutts. grabe nman!! good luck sa lungs