Friday, May 2, 2008

Random Shots

Just a random set of photos. Enjoy. :)

I tried tricking Mau into posing and
covering half of the store name, revealing "gay".
He kept on moving, making only "ay" or "y" visible.
Then I told him my motive. He gaily obliged.

It was supposed to be just the guy looking at the horizon.
But a guard walked by. Surprisingly it works.
(Did you notice the bird as well?)

The best way to violate a rule is to cover the sign.
Translation: "Do not hang (your clothes)"


j said...

miss na kita baby :)

tkwi said...

Lol, your poor friend... but gotta love that mysterious smile.

Anonymous said...

hahaha san mo nakita yung bawal magsampay?? ang kulet sobrang pasaway. bakit kasi nagpa-sampay ang mga damit

lawrencevon said...

It's a nearby MMDA facility. Hence the patent "Bayani" blue. :)