Sunday, April 20, 2008

High Fashion Sculptures

Whenever I pass by Lawton, I would not miss the chance to glance up at the gorgeous sculptures lining the facade of the Metropolitan Theater.

This afternoon however, I decided to stop by and take some snaps of these art deco beauties created by Italian sculptor Francesco Riccardo Monti. These ladies with arms raised, fingers arched and an attitude seem like they're voguing, i.e. striking a high fashion pose. Despite some signs of erosion, their commanding form and draped capes make them simply magnificent. (In fact, it has been a dream of mine to have a fashion shoot with models posing side by side with them.)

I wasn't satisfied though by the angles that I had. I wanted to take a closer, eye-level shot. So I decided to go up the flyover near the theater, which doesn't have a pedestrian walkway just a foot-wide elevation to the side. :O

I stood on the elevation near the railing that rose up just above my knee, with speeding buses and jeepneys inches behind me. It was an adrenalin rush standing at the flyover's peak and maintaining balance. After a while, I realized my knees where slightly shaking. Still, I kept on clicking.

The view, walking up the flyover

I know. All for a photo. :)


Meg said...

The Metropolitan Theater is truly fascinating and as I may say a true Filipino Architectural gem. Its too bad that its continually dilapidating and no one cares to restore it. I saw last week basag na ung isang stain glass how sad. I hope this won't turn to another Jai Alai Building. Nice shots sana sinama mo ko para sabay tayong tumulay sa flyover LOL.

Anonymous said...

I truly hope the current mayor will restore this art monument to its former glory. Para naman you can finally have your editorial there. :p

lawrencevon said...

I'll shoot there even if it's not yet restored (as long as there's a clear path to the statues). :P

But yes, I hope something is being/ will be done about it. :)

Edrick said...

i read in the paper last year that they're restoring it (note the newly painted roof. new right??) but it would take millions of time and money to do that so i guess we just have to wait and see. i just hope to live to see it hahaha

anyway, i've always wanted to do what you did. i just didn't know how to/when and oh, the safety of the place too—cars, hold-upers and all. hahaha but i want!

lawrencevon said...

go edrick! go!

take caution, aight? we dont want you ending as fashion roadkill.


John Painz said...

have you got a high res photo of this last piece (the statue is centered)? I'd love to make a painting of this... great set! Thanks for posting it. - John

lawrencevon said...

Yes I do. That would be great John. :D

Do send me a photo of the painting when done. Looking forward to see it.