Monday, August 31, 2009

Fopaper | Ikea Maneki Neko

Foblow is an official/ a qualified nominee to the Philippine Blog Awards this year. Just received the email this morning. Ikea lucky cats, work your charm! :P

A maneki neko (lucky cat) iPhone/ iPod Touch wallpaper awaits after the jump.

This long line of cats were beckoning good fortune outside an Ikea distributor's showroom. Hence, me calling them "Ikea lucky cats." :)

Fopaper is a category in Foblow showcasing wallpapers for the iPhone/ iPod Touch. Feel free to download and set in yours! Click here for more.


Chocolate said...


Noel Y.C. said...

A well-deserved nomination. Congratulations!

Lawrence Antaran said...

Thanks Noel and Choco Jam. :)

Edrick said...

yey! congratulations!

ennui said...

yey! i love iPhone wallpaper (even if i don't have one)

congrats and hope you win! :)

Lawrence Antaran said...

Thanks Edrick and Marty. :)

Marty, I think Julie will be giving us iPhones this Christmas.