Sunday, July 26, 2009

City Sculptures

Click to enlarge image.I think a city is defined not just by its skyline but by its landscape, particularly the sculptures and specially shaped pieces that its people get to live with and not just see from a distance.

Here are some urban sculptures found in different areas of my city, Makati.

This man rests as an irony. Click to enlarge image.Reclining. I've seen this reclining man at King's Court building ever since I went to a nearby school for my elementary education. Only after photographing him a while ago did I get to observe his delicate pose and half-closed eyes. Amidst the busiest of districts, this man rests as an irony. Dela Rosa corner Chino Roces Avenue

Click to enlarge image.
Click to enlarge image.Fu Lion. I've always found these guarding sculptures interesting mainly because of its details. These fu lions give a relieving contrast to all thats modern in the city. Little Tokyo, Chino Roces Avenue

Click to enlarge image.55. After taking this nifty photo of the large steel address numeral of the School of Fashion and the Arts, I researched on the number and found out its "magic." It's a triangular number (sum of all integers from 1 to 10) as well as a pyramidal number (sum of all squares of integers from 1 to 5). Oh, and it's the year when Paul wrote the first letter to the Corinthians, including the very popular passage "Love is patient and kind..."

Sometimes, I can be a geek. :) Paseo de Roxas, near Buendia

Click to enlarge image.Figura #3. Currently, several of Arturo Luz sculptures are exhibited around Greenbelt and the Ayala Museum. His style has always been very modern and characterized by strong lines. His sculptures in yellow, red and black are a pleasant surprise as they are set in the mall's greens. Greenbelt Park, Ayala Center

Why were two women chosen as the arbirated parties?  Click to enlarge image.
One of my favorite artworks. Click here to enlarge image.Turuan. I recently just discovered this and it has easily become one of my favorite artworks. The sculpture of the ACCRA Law Office may appeal to some as very direct and boringly literal. But I think that's the beauty of it. Where else do you see sculptures boldly pointing at each other? My cheeky side wants to join in the pointing somehow. Seriously, I wonder who the sculptor is and why two women were chosen as the arbirated parties. Gamboa Street, Legaspi Village

Photos taken with the Sony T2 and Canon 1000D



khaz of beautiful things said...

coolness ha

ShatterShards said...

The sculpture in front of the ACCRA Law office depicts Solomon and the two women fighting over a child, if I am not mistaken. And it is a rather apt work of art, and a choice of scripture, for an entity delving in the business of justice.

lawrencevon said...

Oh, so that's where it's based on. Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

i loveeeeet!

ennui said...

this is very editorial. i love it! kudos for always finding interesting things to post on your blog. so refreshing as the scent of grapefruit :)