Monday, July 13, 2009

Browsed and Shot

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Last week while waiting for a meeting, this tabloid headline caught my attention. I wondered what the story behind "I Love My Rapist" was. As I should have expected... There really was no psychoanalysis in the article, i.e. how a victim could have fallen in love with the abuser. However to my surprise, the lead was so graphic, more precisely, pornographic. Tighter shot of the lead after the jump.

The words!
The words!

Did your eyes just enlarge word after word?

On a definitely more wholesome note, a friend and I watched Hannah Montana: The Movie last night. I remembered I took a shot of a back-to-school ad featuring Hannah Montana shoes weeks ago. Here it is.

Step on Hannah!
Step on Hannah!

I don’t get it why the character/ celebrity was printed on the insole. Is this pair for haters? Step on the Hannah? Let her smell your feet all day in school? :P

Tell me what you think of either newspaper shots.

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Anonymous said...

omg....kaloka naman nyan!

khaz of beautiful things said...

rock hard?! anubayan

Anonymous said...

i love how they "differentiated" KIDS from HANNAH MONTANA in the shoe ad. it's like HANNAH MONTANA is another stage or perhaps another set of species.

lawrencevon said...

Haha... I think "Kids" is a brand.

There were other shoes in the ad such as "Disney Princesses." But the character was embossed on the the vamp instead of printed on the insole.

Noel Y.C. said...

The graphic description is so unnecessary. The intention obviously is to grab atttention and sell more papers.

E. said...

Rape fantasy much?! I think it's called Stockholm Syndrome--when a victim falls for his/her kidnapper/rapist/abuser. Just sharing.

Edrick said...

rock-hard! anu yon, cafe??? HAHA grabe.