Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fotrait | Fashion Rebel


If you think that jacket looks familiar, you probably might have seen it from the fashion week posting a few days ago. Fashion blogger Khaz bought it off the runway along with other beautiful things.

Combining the jacket with dark hues, pops of color and a Marc Jacobs Carter bag (not in photo - will leave it to his blog to detail his look), Khaz is indeed a fashion rebel.

The bag is one of Khaz's chic chick bags that make him stand out more from the crowd. But more than the feminine-masculine contrast in his looks, it’s his unapologetically happy outlook that defines his radical at the same time well-thought of ensembles.

Quick Q&A:

What’s your favourite bag?
My favourite is my black Balenciaga work bag coz it's androgynous, and very functional.

What bag would you want added in your collection?
I like big bags, so a Hermes Croc HAC. No, wait, I take it back. I'll think muna.
Hermes crock Kelly 40 na lang. That or an exotic Balenciaga. Balenciaga pa rin talaga favourite ko ever.
I want a (Proenza Schouler) Python PS1 also.

It’s just so crazily difficult to decide, isn’t it?

Is Khaz short for Kazakhstan? :P
Ngek. It's shortened Aussie slang. My mates called me Khazzie, short for Khaled. Like, if you're Sharon, you're called Shazzie. I just shortened Khazzie to Khaz.

For more of Khaz's looks you may check out and his Lookbook.

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