Thursday, January 15, 2009

Okonomiyaki Nights

Last year, my friend Mundi introduced me to okonomiyaki or what we call, "Japanese pizza." Okonomiyaki is a pan-friend batter cake filled with cabbage, pork, noodles (yakisoba), and optional ingredients such as squid, shrimp and cheese. She brought me to Kagura, a restaurant in Little Tokyo, where this sinful indulgence is served.

Escape from the City.
Little Tokyo, especially the its little-known courtyard, is a surprise in the middle of urban Makati. The place is set like a traditional Japanese garden. And since it's enclosed, it seems that you're far from the city. (Digressio: Note the food-floating-on-water poster in the photo.)

Like Butterflies
Served hot, the fish flakes on top move like slow butterlies. I know. It's a creepy visualization, but it is a definite delightful explosion of flavors. Okonomiyaki can also be served with fried egg and chicken skin. Can you say, Ohnomikolesterol?!

Okonomiyaki Baby
Mundi swears by it and would probably have illusions of gigantic Japanese pies (instead of an ice cream or a roasted chicken) in case she gets stranded on a deserted island. (Sorry, inside joke.)

Tiger, Pooh and Pinky
The chef is obviously a baseball fanatic, so you'll find toys and posters of the Hanshin Tigers. Oh, and there's this adorable dressed-up Pooh on the window and a pink paper mouse on the kitchen counter.

Little Tokyo is near Makati Cinema Squre, Pasong Tamo, Makati City. Go try a pie and tell me what you think. :)


ennui said...

Wow! It looks so "Okonomikal"!

Noel Y.C. said...

Divine! I'll definitely check it out during my next visit. I hope they don't use artificial trans fat.

ennui said...

how come we didn't get the okonomiyaki with the fish flakes? I didn't know which one to order eh :(

lawrencevon said...

you can ask the chef to add ingredients. like chicken skin. :D

thugindhawz said...

hi i just want to ask, how much is the okonomiyaki? thanks

lawrencevon said...

hi thug. it's P350 as i remember.

you may reach kagura at 894.38.56.

thanks for dropping by foblow. :D