Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Urban Bazaar Weekend

I spent last weekend at the Urban Bazaar (Rockwell Tent beside Powerplant Mall). The tiangge showcased a well-selected array of offerings from discounted designer sneakers to very gay and glittery one-of-a-kind decor. Here are some finds from the four-day event.

If you thought the bright neon trees from Dimensione were flambouyant enough, wait till you become the talk of the town with these long-legged christmas trees. These delightfuly crazy crafts were among the interesting designs by Talk of the Town (

Definitely one of the bestsellers of the bazaar were the rosey and feathery headbands from Amour-- a classic clothing line designed for romance ( These hat-like headbands are designed and made by Cheena (left) and Ron. (That's Kato of Moonshine to the right.) Each piece is one of a kind and certainly an attention-grabber with its girlish flair.

Nearby was this birthday cake hat from Ikea. Ikea's pile of soft, cute finds also had furry animal puppets and a fruit basket hat.

Outside the bazaar and inside the mall were these unique reindeers-- one seemingly with an underwear fetish and another made from a used plastic bottle. Snaps to Details for using recycled items for their store display.

Back to the bazaar... I found out that TV host Sam Oh is now also a designer and entrepreneur. With a couple of partners, she set up a line of kickass infantwear called The Urban Baby ( They had designs with pirate skulls, wings and even pig tails. Urban Baby even had flag-inspired bodysuit that resembled a gymnast's outfit. Cool.

Of course, I was there for four whole days for this business project of mine-- Nation ( Part of the selling block of the School of Fashion and the Arts, I showcased some shirt designs inspired by pop art and the tartan trend.

The Urban Bazaar will once again be held from December 12 to 14.