Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Neovandalism Two

Circle mania (Artwork by Aguila)

These aren't really vandalisms but more of graffiti that can be considered as works of art (if not what can be regarded as a new form of vandalism). Whereas vandalism typically means destruction, these instead enlivened a seemingly abandoned property along N. Garcia Street in Makati City. (See previous entry on "Neovandalism.")

This wall has eyes. (Artwork by Hermes Alegre)

On the long stretch of wall are realistic renditions (such as the face above), abstract and naive art, presumably painted for a contest.

Graffiti to match the line of tricycles (Unsigned artworks)

In front of them mostly are houses-turned-showrooms in white and earth tones. If not for these graffiti and the bright line of orange tricycles on the adjacent street, the block would have been just bland.

Sensational squiggles (Artwork by Caneza)

This particular work caught my eye. I'd buy this segment of the wall If I was rich. I just find it remarkable-- Reminiscent of Keith Haring's works, but of course with the artist's unique point of view and style. I'm not certain what it means. I think it's about gossip, i.e., the wriggling of stories from one storyteller to another.

What does it tell you?


ennui said...

Yes it certainly is reminiscent of Keith Harring's works before the HIV consumed him, and the way I interpret this wonderful work is that it for me, it shows the many people who've caught the virus, entangled in each others' lime-green web of mucous membranes. It's aMAZE-ing! :D

lawrencevon said...

Interesting. I never saw it that way. The painting feels a bit somber come to think of it.

roentarre said...

You do have an interesting style and love your work

lawrencevon said...

Thanks a lot! :D