Wednesday, November 19, 2008






This is the first time I post images that are really manipulated, not just laid out with text and some vectors for a magazine-like look.

Last night, I overlapped duplicates of an image, a wavy light fixture, which I took at a restaurant. I was aiming to create something like a flower. However, it appeared to be an abstract painting reminiscent of some Filipino cubist works. Then I tried out this kaleidoscope treatment on some other object shots...

Perhaps, this will be rare since Foblow is not really a graphic design blog. But do tell me what you think. :)


Edrick said...

nice! why not?
these would look really nice on fabric/clothes, no? hehe

lawrencevon said...

yep, they would look neat on fabric.

nice on a bag, no? with light colored straps. :D