Wednesday, October 15, 2008

While Waiting...

Days ago, I needed to renew my passport. There were lines and waiting time for every station at the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA). It took up half my day, but it felt quicker. Thank God I had my camera with me. Here are some shots...

Peaceful Wait

The wait was bearable and a welcome calm compared to the chaos and harrasment one will get from fixers outside the department premises. They would callously talk to you and, yes, even touch you.

Alien Ship

The DFA's auditorium ceiling resembled what could be an alien ship with its center ready to beam us up. At the auditorium, they set up stations for the final stage of passport application.

It was ok in general. I was able to keep myself preoccupied, but it's through an agency or a courier service next time. :)


roentarre said...

Definitely amazing captures.

Noel Y.C. said...

now that you have your passport, when are you visiting NY?

lawrencevon said...

thanks james/ roentarre. :) your photos are amazing as well.

noel, i dont have a u.s. visa... would love to see new york of course. ;)

thanks for reminding me. i need to pick it up today. :D

Lola said...

thanks very much for your kind words on my blog -

i really like the photos you have here, also the fashion ones higher up, great catalog!.

lola . xx