Friday, September 12, 2008


This is the first time I took photos to blog at the Cosmo Bachelor Bash-- Summit Publishing's hunkfest for the fun, fearless female (and fabulous men). I noticed that everyone was throwing their hands in the air as if reaching for something.

And oh, the picture above... Just an interesting detail from the next one. It's a dancer raising (and swaying) his arms as well. And what were you thinking?

I Believe!
The event, just staged a while ago at A.Venue in Makati, drew droves much like a prayer rally of sort.

Raising it like Deena Jones
Sorry, the first thought that came was Dream Girls (with the lights and all). If it wasn't as high I would have thought The Oblation. :)

Nation Party?
And this one reminded me of the Nation party (circuit event held by complete with gogo boys and flag dancing.

Best Performance
He went all out, and on and on... Making the others pale in comparison. You should have seen him go. (And did you notice that hand ready to grab from below?)

Then Akihiro Came
The audience stood and raised their cameras for the Brazilian-Japanese model.

To be continued...


Ennuit said...

Don't forget to put the "gossip girl" photo of you-know-who. ;)

Had a great time last night!

lawrencevon said...

I won't! Even though they're backs are turned... It's too obvious!

I'll send you though the whole set including your incriminating photos.


lawrencevon said...

thanks as well! and i meant "their backs" (not they're). i'm getting dizzy from work! :O

ennui said...

yes! yes please do send the whole set.