Thursday, July 17, 2008

Luck in Black

I was fortunate enough to visit the studio of illustrator and visual artist AJ Omandac. I have been a fan ever since I saw his colorful and filigree rich painting exhibit several years ago.

It was interesting to find several lucky charms in his studio that were painted in matte black-- a striking contrast to the fantastical appeal of his artworks.

Stone-like Sophistication
There's a lot of polyresin buddha statues being sold right now such as these, but in pink, lime green and other bright hues. These look so sophisticated in black. Like they're made of stone.

Lucky Black Cat
It seems that kitty scratched her eyelid...

I named this Octi, a charm/ keychain made from recycled materials by AJ's friend. Cool, ei?


Edrick said...

the last photo looks wall-e ish. hehe i like :-)