Sunday, April 6, 2008

Date with the Deep

After several days of feeling down, I decided to go out of my shell and have a date with majestic and colorful creatures aside from the already spectacular Marty and Tope. :) The destination: Manila Ocean Park. The date: fishes, mantarays and sharks.

As they say, aquariums are soothing. The Oceanarium calmed me from my major anxieties with its large tanks of gentle moving water and smooth swimming creatures.

It was also an opportunity to take nice new photos, as well as catch fresh color and print inspirations. It was quite a stimulating experience... Even though my dates were silent all throughout.

Without further ado, here are some of my favorite photos of the day:

Batibot's Sitsiritsit and Alibangbang

Mantaray gliding over Tope

The richly printed Lion and Mandarin fishes

Anemone surrounding a clown fish

Faux dive

M. Night Shyamalan's Lady in the Water (Marty, peace.)

Dead fish

Seemingly dead fish stuck on a coral

Majestic mantarays


Meg said...

WOW! From your photos I am now convinced to visit the Manila Ocean Park. You should send this to DOT it will really help their promotions about the park. Most of the people think that its not worth going to. For one, they think that the other ocean parks are far better so they think they'll just be disappointed with it. hehe:)) eh mukhang hindi naman.

Elism said...

I'm glad that the most fab mermaid returned to her hometown. hehehe. Take care of your tahong ha. hehehe

Sabrina said...

Take me take me to the oceanpark....

gadgetgay your blog looks a whole lot better than mine... I've got no picture's on mine just a whole lot of text.

If i come back will you take me there please.... please...

lawrencevon said...

Thank you gusy for posting. :)

Sabrina, will take you to the Ocean Park if ever you drop by Manila soon. Wait... Isn't Gadgetgay your nickname? Hehehe...